Starting off with Wazi Mailer

I know you have been told several times to put more effort but wondered what the heck that meant; since according to you, you have been doing all your best but still it’s not working out.

Well, i’m here to tell you what you should do instead.

Put more effort.

It will pay off.

We could not be having Wazi Mailer today if we stopped at what we thought was our best. We had to keep on trying new, old and different things out to make this amazing email marketing app come to life. We abandoned the project countless times. But every time we went to work, the spirit, zeal and motivation continued to pile up.

The only option we were left with was to put more effort and make it work.

It has taken us months to bring this simple but very efficient email  marketing app to life. It took us longer to launch than we had planned. But it was all for one reason. We did not want to introduce a half-backed product just so that we beat the other existing apps. We took longer in the back end so that we may cover most if not all of your email marketing desires.

We made Wazi Mailer in the simplest form possible so that you can focus on the most important aspects of your business. This is the app that will take all your workload within minutes of setup. Don’t take my word for it, you can check out all our features or even better create an account to view all the functions and abilities of Wazi Mailer.

If you are a creative, an influencer, a blogger or even a starting company; you should start focusing on your email list. Having a list of your customers is the most guarantee way of being in business for long.

You can use Wazi Mailer to collect your email or if you already have them you can just upload them and start sending your campaigns.

If you like planning things ahead of time, we also got you covered by our Automation feature that does all the job for you.

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